Creating Art With Words : How To Use AI Image Generators

Contrary to the popular misbelief of GenAI just copying some artwork, AI actually creates a completely new and unique visual.

With the advent of technology, art has pushed boundaries beyond the wildest expectations with Generative AI leading the march as technology meets creativity, turning the unimaginable into reality. From having to learn the ropes of various design tools to just typing out the idea, Generative AI has given everyone with an idea a magic brush to paint their visions in a blink of a click.
All you have to do is describe your idea to an AI image generator and voila it creates a unique copyright free AI art for you in just seconds. But how are they actually doing something so complex in such a simple manner? Let’s take a look at the simplest explanation of what goes on behind the scenes of various text to image models.

Understanding How AI Image Generators Work

AI powered Image generators are powerful tools that can help you create visual art in 3 simple steps-

1. Imagine

2. Describe your imagination

3. Click – Generate

TADA! You just used the text-to-image feature and created an image by putting your imagination into the proper words. But what goes behind the scenes is much more complex than how it appears.

Generative AI models like DallE and SDXL are trained on large datasets of images, designs and visuals which the models study, analyze and interpret to understand the intricacies more closely. Contrary to the popular misbelief of GenAI just copying some artwork, AI actually creates a completely new and unique visual. While the foundation of the learnings might be from the datasets, GenAI models tend to use the datasets as learning material and come up with their own version of visuals based on the prompts(ideas) provided by you.

The Rise Of Text To Image Models

Speaking on behalf of a lot of creative minds who cannot draw a straight line due to lack of design skills, having access to a generative ai model which converts your words into art is still unbelievable but true. Writers have since long relied heavily on their words to describe the aesthetics or visuals complimenting their written work. Fast forward to the era of GenAI tools and suddenly all you need is a few words and an AI photo generator to create amazing visuals in a matter of seconds. What was earlier only accessible to a selected few(who toiled with their pens and brushes perfecting their design skills) is now widely available to anyone who wishes to see their ideas come to life with Generative AI image generators. No more waiting on a designer to create a storyboard for an upcoming pitch, just describe the context and give your ideas to AI photo generator and it creates the image for you before you can brew your coffee. Scriptwriters, Copywriters and Content Writers around the globe have started using various text to image tools like Midjourney, SDXL, DallE and many more to bring their words alive with the help of GenAI.

Practical Guide To Create Images Using AI Without Prompting

Begin with an idea and let AI work on it. Say you are working on a blog around the best food platters around the world but you don’t have high quality images for all and buying stock images can be quite a costly affair. Why not turn to Generative AI models like DallE and SDXL, both of which can be accessed in a single window on Qolaba AI Studio. Select the Image Generator tool and type away your idea in as much detail as possible. Do not worry if you don’t know the prompts, Qolaba AI Studio offers a magic prompt feature which is an AI boosted prompt suggestion box which give you highly detailed prompts for your ideas and lets you choose based on your requirement. You can try generating images even with minimal words like “French platter of delicacies” or just “cheesy Italian pizza” and still generate decent images but the more detailed the prompt, the finer quality of images you can expect.

Community and Collaboration

Qolaba AI has built a safe space for all the creators and has a dedicated Qreative wall where you can share your art with fellow wordsmiths and artists. The Qolaba AI community on Discord is also available for anyone who wants to learn more about creating images using GenAI tools or seek help/mentorship from others more experienced in the field. Considering the vast applications of AI generated content, community members are invited to connect, collaborate and create something amazing while being assisted by AI.

Ethical Considerations and Future Outlook

Tennessee became the first state to officially pass a resolution against AI stealing other artists’ work and even Google has been fined by French authorities for the unauthorized use of copyrighted material without giving appropriate compensation to the original creators. But that doesn’t mean your creations will come under fire because what you create with your idea using text to image ai tools, is your creation even though it is boosted by GenAI. But ensuring such issues don’t arise can be attained by simply changing the prompt strengths to toe the fine line between reproducing and recreating.

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